“Today, we are gathering around a worldview that encompasses multi-cultural truths, united with the fusion of science and mysticism. Thus, along with the frontiers of knowledge, language itself is evolving. The challenge is to push the boundaries of creativity, while as yet restricted by language, to encompass these new philosophical and scientific ideas. This volume of poetry abounds in originality; creatively weaving these ideas into a personal journey”
—Kay Gameiro

Acclaimed poet Kay Gameiro scores another triumph in this stellar anthology, which gathers some of her very best pieces for an epic expedition to the mysterious side of human existence.

In this stellar work, the twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet, ψ Psi embodies the inspiration of Gameiro, who, — through the edgy, philosophical voice of her poems— paints a rich, emotionally-charged portrait of the complexity, the mystery, and ethereal beauty of this character.

A symbol of many meanings, ψ Psi has been translated into diverse esoteric elements such as soul, psyche and the unknown.  ψ also represents the wave function in quantum mechanics and has meanings in mathematics and the paranormal.  Here, it is not only a symbol, but also an acronym, Portal to Symbols and Images.  The idea of ψ implies the essence of creativity and the portal we all must pass through as we journey into the deeper mysteries, beyond the reach words, into realms of artistic imagery.

Immerse yourself in this exquisite, thought-provoking collection.